Don’t need Extended Infant Care?
Baby Coming Home offers you an alternative.
Can you use our quick, short visits, tailored to fit your family’s immediate needs and budget?

Baby Coming Home can provide you with personalized visits in your home, to help you get started with your newborn, to help troubleshoot different issues that have come up, and to bring clear solutions.

sk yourself:
efore baby comes home, we help with:
overing the critical topics/milestones after baby comes home, we help with:

Baby Coming Home will assist you with your challenges
We have helped hundreds and hundreds of new parents and their babies, and can help you find a solution for the specific challenges you are experiencing with your infant.

Our advice and solutions are always given to you in a 'gentle' manner, and we can continue to work with you until the problem is resolved.

We offer several packages of pre-scheduled ABC visits, plus an S-O-S ‘emergency’ visit, customized to provide you with exactly the kind of help you need.
All of our ABC Packages include:
  • A prenatal 3 to 4 hour personalized visit with a Newborn Care Specialist
  • Tips on how to prepare for the hospital
  • Nursery tips on how to prepare for your newborn’s arrival and care
  • Up-to-date information on the best products to use for you baby’s needs

The ABC Package
  • One postnatal visit with your newborn care specialist
  • Arranged during the prenatal visit
  • During baby’s first week at home
  • 3 to 4 hours in length
  • Lactation and feeding basics
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Circumcision care
  • Baby’s baths and infant massage
  • Possible digestive issues that may arise in the first 3 to 5 weeks
  • Head positioning
  • Any other issues you may want to ask about

The ABC Plus Package
  • Everything provided with the ABCs Package
  • A second personalized visit with your newborn care specialist, 3 to 4 hours in length
  • Recommended for Week 3
  • Working with baby’s transitioning digestive and nervous systems
  • Working towards a healthy sleep routine
  • Troubleshooting issues that have arisen
  • Detecting and dealing with allergies
  • A look ahead to what to anticipate in the upcoming weeks

The A-to-Z Package

Our Most Popular!

  • Everything provided with the ABCs Plus Package
  • A third personalized visit with your newborn care specialist, 3 to 4 hours in length
  • Recommended for somewhere between Week 4 and 6
  • Establishing baby’s long-term sleep routine
  • Preparing for baby’s upcoming developmental milestones

The Graduation Package

Spoil Yourself!

  • Everything provided with the A-to-Z Package
  • Plus one night of care and troubleshooting for your newborn, giving you a night off
  • Additional nights available, subject to availability

The S.O.S. ‘Emergency’ Package

  • NOT a pre-scheduled visit, and subject to availability at time of call
  • Provides ‘emergency’ help, for diagnosing feeding, sleeping, allergy, and other issues
  • Makes available to you our in-home troubleshooting, for challenges or difficulties you and your baby may be encountering.
  • Provides you with a “night off,” if you need it
  • Priced on an hourly basis, rather than a package price.
  • Call the office at (972) 267-8766 for more information on pricing details.

How might you benefit from more than one ABC visit?

Many of the difficulties with newborns are solved through a process of elimination, and not always resolved on the first try. The additional visits, and our interaction with you and your baby, allow us to observe what is going on, and then share the pertinent secrets we have used successfully over the years, to provide you with the tools that are best suited to your baby’s needs.

Our advice and solutions are always given to you in a 'gentle' manner.
Call Baby Coming Home today at (972)267-8766
for more information about our ABC Services
You pick the ABC package best suited to your need and budget.
The flexibility of Baby Coming Home’s ABC Services enables you to schedul visits when they are best for you.
  • Contact us by clicking here or at (972) 267-8766 with your information, various appointment options, the length of time you anticipate needing for our ABC Services and various call times, and we will return your call to make arrangements.
  • The ABC Services Fee, determined by the package you choose, will be invoiced to you by email, and will be due in 10 days from the billing date.
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