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Seven o'clock at night was a magical time at our house when my son, Matthew, was a newborn. It was special because that was when Sheryle Owens would drive up, like clockwork, to help me care for this new baby who was still quite a mystery to me. Sheryle knew what to do. She helped me with everything from the umbilical cord to breastfeeding. It was like having a fairy godmother spend the night, and my husband and I truly appreciate all the advice, assistance, and love that she brought into our home during such an amazing time. As Matthew rapidly approaches his third birthday, I am glad to say that Sheryle is still a part of our lives. Because of the great start she provided for us, he is still a great sleeper, eater, and person! I would highly recommend allowing any member of this team into your home; your whole family will be glad you did!
- Becky Foster
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