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My husband and I have known Dephine Tovar and Sheryle Owens, who are part of Debby Bostrom's group for a little over three years. They were our Postpartum Doula / Baby Nurses for both of our children, ages 3 years and 15 months. Words really cannot express how we feel about Delphine and Sheryle. Simply put, they are like family to us. They are the most wonderful, caring and loving people we know. They lived with us, dividing their time equally for approximately three weeks with our first, and six weeks for our second child. They have always made the transition of a new baby so enjoyable. They not only cared for our children, but they taught us as first time parents, how to care for a newborn. They also gave us the tools on how to continue when it was time for them to go. To this day both of our children are excellent sleepers. We totally attribute their good sleep habits to the nurses and their techniques, and their teaching them from the time that they are newborns how to put themselves to sleep. It takes people with a definite gift to do this. They seem to have an innate sense about them, when it comes to figuring out just what a baby needs. In addition to caring for the babies, they also take care of the mothers as well, which sets them apart from just a night nurse. They are so nurturing and loving; they are like second Mothers. We have recommended Delphine and Sheryle from Debby Bostrom's group numerous times to many friends, and even acquaintances, that they have them as their Baby Nurse. Words cannot express how grateful we are to them, and how much we love them all. They are true gems, and we are honored to know them. We will definitely request them again if we have a third child. They are and will be lifelong friends and family members, as far as we are concerned.
- LeeAnn and John Tatum
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