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When we found out we were expecting our first baby, we immediately called Debby in Dallas, Texas (from Louisville, KY) to try to line up a baby nurse. After a tumultuous pregnancy and birth, we were unbelievably blessed by God to have Sheryle (one of Debby's baby nurses) in our home. She was there the night we came home from the hospital. Looking back, I cannot imagine what it would have been like if we did not have her there. She provided the calmness and peace that anyone could have ever dreamed of during the exciting and scary time. Chas was born 4 pounds 14 ounces with clubfoot, hip dysplasia, bilateral inguinal hernia, torticollis, jaundice, and meso-cardia. (By the way, you would never know today by looking at him that he was born with these minor but different anomalies.) However, while we were trying to figure everything out as new parents, Sheryle was a consistent source of strength. She even went to several doctor's appointments with us. She helped me with breast-feeding, and with getting him on a wonderful schedule. Her guidance and patience were such a gift. After Sheryle's two-week stay, I continued to stay in touch with her to ask questions about nursing, bottle-feeding, and sleep schedules. She was a great source of help. We will never forget our new baby experience with Sheryle.
- Alanson H. Boden
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