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We were so delighted to have been able to utilize some of the baby nurses that work for Debby. We had a 2 year-old when our twins were born. We started off with Pam, who was terrific. Pam had to leave to take care of another set of twins, so Debby sent over Beryl. Beryl was outstanding. I felt like we had the best possible care, which allowed my husband and I to sleep at night, knowing that our newborn twins were being well taken care of by trained professionals. I felt like they had good advice to help me out. After Beryl left, I used Aracely. Aracely became a permanent fixture for 3 months, until my boys slept through the night. I felt comfortable having all of the help in our home. I never felt an invasion of privacy, as they all knew how to blend in and give us our time alone. Everyone was a true delight to work with and a Godsend. I highly recommend Debby and her team of well-trained professionals. Debby herself was a big help for us, as she always was able to lend an ear to help me through the challenges of premature twins. Our deepest thanks to you and your team!!!
- Alysa and Andrew Schildcrout
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