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Carol was an absolute Godsend to our family. Our first child, Jack, arrived five days before Christmas via C-section. Not only did we leave the hospital the day before Christmas Eve with our adorable son, we also left with a false sense of confidence. As brand new parents, you have no idea what lies ahead the first few days and weeks. No book, class or friendly advice can truly prepare you. For the ten nights that she was with us, Carol made this transition as painless as possible. She taught us how to care for Jack and eased our worries and concerns. She was a wealth of knowledge and sound advice. Without Carol, we would have starved and frozen our child! We had no idea that we were not feeding him enough. We also did not realize that he needed more layers. Carol helped us figure out his feeding quantities and schedule, and introduced us to the fabulous "converter gowns" that can be either pajamas or a gown. She even went out during her time off and purchased one for us as a gift, so that we would know what to look for! I looked forward to 8:00 pm every night during those days because I knew that Carol would be there, and everything would be just fine. When our ten days were up, we begged her to stay on longer. Unfortunately for us, she had another new life to welcome, and other new parents to put at ease. We (and both of my younger sisters) will definitely use Carol (hopefully - if she is not booked) again! If she is booked, I know that Debby will send us another wonderful angel to help us!
- Deepest and most heartfelt thanks from the Cronin Family!
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