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I was so nervous when we brought Jack home from the hospital. I had left the hospital with so many questions unanswered. The first night that Sheryle came to our home, she immediately made us feel comfortable. She answered all of our questions, continued to help me with breast-feeding, and made the evenings more peaceful. It was wonderful to have an expert in our home for two weeks. Without Sheryle and Carol's assistance, I know I would not have continued to try and breastfeed. They were able to give me guidance and make it a harmonious experience for both me and my baby. Both my husband and I were able to get rest at night, and I know that is why I recovered so very quickly. Even my mother was able to get rest at night, so she could be a huge help to us during the day. After Sheryle and Carol left, I continued to call them for questions I had about the baby. They were more than eager to help. To this day, I still hear my husband telling dads-to-be that they must have our baby nurses. When I hear him telling his friends that it was the best decision that we ever made, it makes me smile.
- Kristine McCallum
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