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Debby Bostrom has been such a lifesaver on so many levels. She placed my baby nurse who was the perfect fit for our family after a comprehensive meeting with me. She also provided me with a list of things to buy to set up the nursery and some reading to help me get ready for the twins. However, her help didn't end there. She worked to make sure I had someone even when the twins came 6 weeks early, and came home under 4 lbs each. She supervised the whole placement and made sure things were going okay - she offered advice when needed and made sure to stop in and see us. Our baby nurse was wonderful and so nurturing. After my term with the baby nurse was over, Debbie again was a guardian angel and helped me find full-time help to help me out the rest of the year. I can't recommend Debby enough.
- Catie Enrico
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