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When Debby met us at our house the day we brought home our son, she walked in the door and greeted us with warmth and understanding. She immediately put me at ease, which is quite a statement coming from a first-time mother. When you have your first child, you are overwhelmed with a combination of fear and uncertainty, coupled with a deep sense of protectiveness of your new baby. The comfort of someone like Debby during this time is irreplaceable. We hired Debby because all of our friends recommended her and her group. So we were confident of her talents. But nevertheless, she was virtually a stranger to us. Needless to say, that lasted about five seconds. Debby brought with her a calmness that embraced all three of us during her stay. She was a kind, loving presence in our home, and my son fell madly in love with her from the moment she arrived. I had been around children and babies all my life, but nothing prepared me for actually having one of my own. I read what felt like hundreds of books, and none of them really taught me how to be a mother. In fact, so many of the books contradicted one another that I ended up more confused than before. So you can imagine the value of having someone like Debby to teach you the basics of motherhood, as well as some very special secrets. She taught me how to bathe my son, how to feed him, how to burp him, how to handle his circumcision, how to get him on a consistent sleep schedule, how to create a safe, predictable routine for him to follow each day, how to swaddle him, how to make his crib more cozy and soothing, and how to (occasionally) relax and cherish the first few weeks of his life. These are just a few of the things Debby can offer a family with a new baby. Today we consider Debby a part of our family, and look forward to her visits. She keeps in touch with her clients, and is always there for me if I have a question. I cannot put into words how grateful we are to Debby. We will treasure her time in our home for the rest of our lives.
- Alison Malone
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