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Because of Debby and the loving care her staff provided, we were able to spend better quality time with our twins during those very challenging early months. And equally as important, we were able to share that special time as husband and wife. With the help of Debby's well-trained staff we were able to: 1) rest at night, and, 2) learn how to care for our children from an expert who shared our philosophy in child rearing. We read most every popular book on the market, and none were as helpful as the advice from Debbie's experts who personally knew our children. When people ask for advice about twins, we say "Call Debby - there is no other single piece of advice that is more important." Some wonder if they can afford it. We prioritized everything that was important to us at that very special time, and concluded that we couldn't afford NOT to hire Debby and her team.
- Kristy & Chad McKnight
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