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Carol was a Godsend. My husband and I didn't know anything about babies! Carol visited us before our son was born and got our nursery in order. Then, after Rhett was born, I was in a lot of pain after my C-section and couldn't do much. Carol came in the evening and took care of Rhett all night, so I could get some rest. She was so gentle and sweet to him! She literally taught us how to care for him. I was also having a lot of difficulty with nursing and she helped - I would have given up after a couple more days, but thanks to her instruction, I was able to nurse Rhett for over 5 months. Without Carol, our son's transition into the world would have been so difficult, as we would have fumbled around, trying to figure out what our baby needed. Thanks to her, we avoided most of the mistakes new parents make, and our son was a happy, content newborn as a result!
- Nancy Mulder
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