Through Baby Coming Home, you have access to a distinctive grouping of carefully selected Newborn Care Specialists.
We offer extended infant care services

Also, if your little one needs many hours of quality care, or if you are having multiples, Baby Coming Home can provide you with a team of newborn care specialists that can deliver that special care you are looking for. They work together with special skill sets, giving your little one(s) a continuity of care that will have him (or them) making great progress in an optimal amount of time.

When it comes to the care of your new, precious treasure, you want the best!

A Distinctive Difference: – A gentle presence in your home:

Baby Coming Home makes special efforts to look for the right newborn care specialist(s) to schedule for you. We seek out certain special qualities in the character and integrity of her/their 'make-up,' using a unique set of criteria in selecting the newborn caregivers we send to your home:

  • Personal integrity, moral character, and trustworthiness
  • A passion to see the new parents and their newborns thrive and bond
  • A natural gift and passion for caring for babies
  • A special heart and 'touch' of love for babies
  • A flexibility to adapt to each family's preferences and requests, not insistent on their own way of doing things
  • An ability to share their skills and knowledge with the parents in a manner and at a pace that the family is comfortable with

In these changing and uncertain times we live in, when it comes to your little treasures, the trust factor is often very difficult to find.

With Baby Coming Home, you can rest assured with the quality of newborn care specialists we send you!
Compare what you get with Baby Coming Home as you choose your newborn care provider:

The Baby Coming Home Advantage

Baby Coming Home offers you the services of quality newborn caregivers - with experience and expertise.

Before you even know you need our services, we screen and look for qualified newborn care specialists. Baby Coming Home takes great care in selecting the newborn care specialists that will work as part of our team, with:

Baby Coming Home provides you with personalized services
What you need, not what you do not need!

Baby Coming Home seeks to provide you with exactly what you need. When you request our services, we:

Baby Coming Home maintains high standards in newborn care specialists and look for the following:

(Though many can be taught to take care of babies, feed them, change them, and bathe them, etc., if certain qualities of character are not already inherent and cultivated in them, the contribution of those caregivers to your baby and your family will be noticeably lacking.)

Baby Coming Home accommodates your need for extra help.

Teamwork for Extended Infant Care:

With Baby Coming Home you can have additional newborn care specialists, when an intense schedule warrants it. If you require help for more than 14 hrs. per day, or help 7 days per week, or 24/7 help, we can offer you two or more newborn care specialists.

The Baby Coming Home teams:

  • Take care of your baby, using agreed-to protocols that work best for your baby and you, set by you and the team leader
  • Coordinate their services together
  • Are available to you for as many weeks or months as you initially need and schedule
  • Alternatively, instead of only newborn care specialists, also offer the service of 1 or more night nannies on the team
  • Can diminish their work schedule, as your babies' needs change

Baby Coming Home Provides you with our Ongoing Involvement in the newborn care you receive:

Not only when you initially request our newborn care services, but also while you are using our newborn care specialists, Baby Coming Home stays in contact with you and your caregiver, to tweak things as needed.

Baby Coming Home:

We take the stress out of those first days with your baby at home, finding the right caregiver for you family, who will help take care of your newborn.

When there is that rare incompatibility problem with a caregiver helping you, you just call us to provide a better fit for you. We can help you avoid difficult confrontations in your own home during this very special time in your lives, and help find a better fit for that caregiver elsewhere.

You can always know that the Baby Coming Home team is safe, skilled, and trustworthy, that each one is regularly reviewed by us, and that we intervene always when you let us know there are difficulties.

We are always available to you and your newborn caregiver at any time you need us.

Baby Coming Home provides you with easy and fair forms of payment!
Baby Coming Home seeks to make your payments predictable, understandable, simple, and convenient to you.

Regarding Payments to Baby Coming Home:

Why Choose Baby Coming Home?

Baby Coming Home will be with you and your newborn every step of the way, for all you need - from your first phone call with us, till your newborn is well on his way!

When you schedule a newborn care specialist through BABY COMING HOME, you do not merely receive a caregiver in your home to help with your baby, you receive BABY COMING HOME'S highest standard of worry-free newborn care for your little one.

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