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    We Provide Baby Care Services

    Baby Coming Home offers moms the services of experienced newborn care specialists, bringing to you a distinguishing uniqueness in the care and training of newborns and their families.

What We Do

Helping you know what to expect, what to do, and how to adapt to the changing stages your baby will experience in the first weeks and months of life.
  • A highly recommended newborn care specialty group serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.
  • Helping parents reach their goals for every developmental stage from birth to six months.
  • Our specialty - extensive experience assisting families with twins, triplets, and singles.
  • 24/hr care, night care, and visits those first weeks to help troubleshoot any difficult areas you encounter - all designed to meet your needs.

Why Choose Baby Coming Home?

Blending old-fashioned, time-proven methods with modern 21st century baby care.
Providing you with the best possible training and care for your newborn and your family.
Offering uniquely trained & experienced Newborn Care Specialists.
Personalizing our care to suit what you want and need.

More About Our Extended Infant Care Services

With our distinctive philosophy of baby care, our love for babies and their families, coupled with our many years of experience and success, we offer the highest standard of help and care for your little ones, and provide you with a peace of mind that will enhance your growing parenting skills.

Though well trained in the latest advances in baby care methods, we have combined that knowledge and training with the wisdom of the back-to-basics approaches used successfully for generations here in the U.S., and the tried and true remedies and techniques used for centuries in Europe and Latin America.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance should I call and book services?

    As soon as possible! Our ladies tend to book up months in advance.

  • Can I request a particular Newborn Care Specialist?

    Yes, if you call early enough and she has availability for the time you have requested.

  • What type of person is selected for working in my home?

    Each NCS is matched up with a family-based upon the initial visit that we have with you to find out your family’s unique personality and scheduling needs.

    **For a more detailed look at how we select the ladies who work with us please look at the link provided.

  • Will my NCS have a current background check?
  • Can someone help me set up my nursery?

    YES! Have a look at our ABC packages.!

  • How do I book a consultation or ABC package?

    All of our services can be booked by contacting our office.

    Phone: (972) 267-8766

About Us

Since 1968, Debby Bostrom enjoyed living as an American in European and Latin American cultures where she had the privilege of observing, learning, assimilating, and practicing first-hand their traditional and natural methods of infant care. From natural births with midwives to the ‘make-shift’ conditions of newborn care in destitute villages, Debby gleaned a wealth of knowledge and experience in the simple, basic, practical techniques that moms have used worldwide for centuries. Debby and office team have sought out newborn care specialists that are quite distinctive in the baby care services they provide.

Our Families Comment

Dear LeAnn, We cannot begin to thank you for spending the past two weeks with us--you are a life saver! Of course, our little one loves you, but I also really enjoyed having a friend come over every night! You are so wise and so much fun to talk to. Thanks for taking care of our little one--and for your friendship!
We loved having Sheryle stay with us those first weeks home after we had the baby. When we had our first daughter, Tatum, I loved all the knowledge and insight that Sheryle was able to share with me as a first-time mom. And when we had our second daughter, Margo, we were eager to have Sheryle back, knowing how sweet and caring she was with babies. Not only did she provide us with peace-of-mind...
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Lauren Thomason
Debby Bostrom and her team made all the difference in the first weeks of our new family's life. Before our baby was due to arrive, we were hesitant about even having help and were concerned about having strangers in our home during such an intimate time. Our fears were instantly put to rest. Not only did we appreciate Debby's knowledge and loving care for all of us, but we so appreciated her...
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Stacey McCord
Lisa, I wanted to thank you again for the services Baby Coming Home provided us. Lisa was the perfect fit for our family. She was so sweet and attentive and adapted to our needs and wants. She was also a great source of information. But most of all, you could tell she just loved our little guy so much. We felt completely at ease (and got SLEEP) the nights she was with him. We are sad to see her...
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When Debby met us at our house the day we brought home our son, she walked in the door and greeted us with warmth and understanding. She immediately put me at ease, which is quite a statement coming from a first-time mother. When you have your first child, you are overwhelmed with a combination of fear and uncertainty, coupled with a deep sense of protectiveness of your new baby. The comfort of...
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Alison Malone
Because of Debby and the loving care her staff provided, we were able to spend better quality time with our twins during those very challenging early months. And equally as important, we were able to share that special time as husband and wife. With the help of Debby's well-trained staff we were able to: 1) rest at night, and, 2) learn how to care for our children from an expert who shared our...
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Kristy & Chad McKnight
We were so delighted to have been able to utilize some of the baby nurses that work for Debby. We had a 2 year-old when our twins were born. We started off with Pam, who was terrific. Pam had to leave to take care of another set of twins, so Debby sent over Beryl. Beryl was outstanding. I felt like we had the best possible care, which allowed my husband and I to sleep at night, knowing that our...
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Alysa and Andrew Schildcrout
Debby Bostrom has been such a lifesaver on so many levels. She placed my baby nurse who was the perfect fit for our family after a comprehensive meeting with me. She also provided me with a list of things to buy to set up the nursery and some reading to help me get ready for the twins. However, her help didn't end there. She worked to make sure I had someone even when the twins came 6 weeks...
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Catie Enrico
Dear Jacque, We feel so blessed to have had you in our lives! You have had such an amazing influence on helping us learn how to be new parents and your love for Harper and Holden melts our hearts! We could not have asked for sweeter caregiver and advisor in this crazy time of new born parenthood! We all love you so much and we are so sad to see you go! But we hope to see you again very soon!...
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Skyler, Joan, Harper, and Holden
Debby Bostrom has been such a lifesaver on so many levels. She placed my baby nurse who was the perfect fit for our family after a comprehensive meeting with me. She also provided me with a list of things to buy to set up the nursery and some reading to help me get ready for the twins. However, her help didn't end there. She worked to make sure I had someone even when the twins came 6 weeks...
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Catie Enrico
I can't say enough good things about Debby, her staff, the training they all have, and the incredible love they show for the families they serve. I have been so blessed by their care and expertise, as well as by the confidence and training they gave my husband and me as new parents. My husband and I were totally unprepared for the many needs we would have, and all we would need to learn with the...
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Carolyn Cooper, mother of 3
Carol was a Godsend. My husband and I didn't know anything about babies! Carol visited us before our son was born and got our nursery in order. Then, after Rhett was born, I was in a lot of pain after my C-section and couldn't do much. Carol came in the evening and took care of Rhett all night, so I could get some rest. She was so gentle and sweet to him! She literally taught us how to care for...
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Nancy Mulder
Debby Bostrom and her team of baby nurses are exceptional. I have been fortunate to work with almost all of these wonderful women and would highly recommend each and every one of them. Meg coached me through both of my babies' first weeks at home and taught me everything I needed to know to care for a newborn. My second son had colic, and when Meg had to go on to another job, Debby made sure...
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Lyle Jackson
Seven o'clock at night was a magical time at our house when my son, Matthew, was a newborn. It was special because that was when Sheryle Owens would drive up, like clockwork, to help me care for this new baby who was still quite a mystery to me. Sheryle knew what to do. She helped me with everything from the umbilical cord to breastfeeding. It was like having a fairy godmother spend the night,...
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Becky Foster
My husband and I have known Dephine Tovar and Sheryle Owens, who are part of Debby Bostrom's group for a little over three years. They were our Postpartum Doula / Baby Nurses for both of our children, ages 3 years and 15 months. Words really cannot express how we feel about Delphine and Sheryle. Simply put, they are like family to us. They are the most wonderful, caring and loving people we...
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LeeAnn and John Tatum
I was lucky enough to hear about Debby and her group from several friends who raved about them. Beryl was my Baby Specialist, and I couldn't have survived the first few weeks of motherhood without her. As a first time mom, I didn't know a thing about how to care for a newborn. Beryl taught me invaluable techniques and tips. I got more sleep and had much less stress than I ever dreamed possible...
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Joy Coit
When we arrived home with our newborn, we had the peace of mind of knowing that a well-experienced and well-trained baby nurse would be here to teach us how to care for him. She cared not only for our newborn son, but also for us and for our four year old daughters. The greatest moment of each day was seeing Debby's car pull into our driveway!
Christi Morrow
When we found out we were expecting our first baby, we immediately called Debby in Dallas, Texas (from Louisville, KY) to try to line up a baby nurse. After a tumultuous pregnancy and birth, we were unbelievably blessed by God to have Sheryle (one of Debby's baby nurses) in our home. She was there the night we came home from the hospital. Looking back, I cannot imagine what it would have been...
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Alanson H. Boden
When my husband and I found out we were expecting our third child, we started looking into hiring a baby nurse to help with the baby. Several friends had used baby nurses from Debby's group, and they came very well-recommended. Nancy Wiley was the baby nurse that Debby scheduled for us, and she couldn't have found a more perfect match for our family. I had the expectation that the Nancy would...
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Laurie Wilson
Carol was an absolute Godsend to our family. Our first child, Jack, arrived five days before Christmas via C-section. Not only did we leave the hospital the day before Christmas Eve with our adorable son, we also left with a false sense of confidence. As brand new parents, you have no idea what lies ahead the first few days and weeks. No book, class or friendly advice can truly prepare you. For...
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Deepest and most heartfelt thanks from the Cronin Family!
I was so nervous when we brought Jack home from the hospital. I had left the hospital with so many questions unanswered. The first night that Sheryle came to our home, she immediately made us feel comfortable. She answered all of our questions, continued to help me with breast-feeding, and made the evenings more peaceful. It was wonderful to have an expert in our home for two weeks. Without...
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Kristine McCallum
Gaby was seriously fantastic! Words cannot describe how great she is at her job. She is a baby whisperer. She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease and prepared me in taking the best care of my baby. I truly do not know what I would have done without her. Babies Coming Home is lucky to have her!
Catherine Barrett
I would highly recommend Baby Coming Home, and Kim Milner to any new or experienced mom to be. I had a very stressful pregnancy and delivery. It gave us such comfort to know that we were coming home to a night nurse that was so qualified, dependable, and caring. From the moment Kim stepped into our home she was part of the family and part of the team to help us through the difficult first few...
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Katherine Mathes
It has been nearly two months since Lisa's last night watching Jackson, but here I am, feeling compelled to write about Lisa because she left such an amazing and long lasting impact on our family. Lisa came to us at a time when we were struggling to establish a reasonable sleep schedule with Jackson. You see, my wife is an executive and I am a trial lawyer, so sleepless nights are a real problem...
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Anonymous Father
Jacque, I cannot believe today is your last day! The Last twelve weeks have been amazing. I get teary eyed just thinking about it! You were always reliable, always upbeat and happy, and full of solutions. Pleasant to be around...
Hi Lisa!!!! Just wanted to let you know that Jacque was amazing!!! She got Gracie sleeping 10 hours at such a young age!!! She truly is a star and we are so grateful to have had her for our second baby!!! It is amazing how much easier it was on me the second time around but I give Jacque credit for that too!! She taught me so much the first time! Thank you for everything! I continue to be a...
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Lindsay Billingsley

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