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The client pays Baby Coming Home directly, on a bi-monthly basis, based on the hours the newborn care specialist has worked, and reported to Baby Coming Home. Baby Coming Home sends out a PDF invoice to each client via e-mail, and a duplicate ‘snail-mail’ invoice, on the 15th and last day of each month, with payment due in 10 days.

Payment may be made via check, credit card, or online at the Baby Coming Home web site. BCH then pays the newborn care specialist, who works as independent contractors with BCH.

For your convenience, Baby Coming Home accepts online credit card payments on your account. Our payment system is safe and secure, and your personal information is always kept confidential. To make a payment, please click on the appropriate link below to be taken to our secure online checkout system.

With the exception for the Registration Fee, if it is not specified on your invoice, please add 3% for the credit card payment, as indicated on the invoice’s bottom.

Extended Infant Care Payments
  • Baby Coming Home's hourly rates include your payment for the newborn care specialist(s) and for the related telephone and office expenses, etc.
  • Baby Coming Home requires no large upfront deposits, separate agency fees, or other surprise charges
  • You do not pay for the time you booked; only for the time you actually use
  • No contracts required - we always keep our word, when we make a commitment to you
  • Baby Coming Home's invoices are sent out the 15th and last day of each month; payment due within 10 days (our newborn care specialists, etc., are paid from your payments; the reason for the required immediate payment)
  • You send your payment to the Baby Coming Home office, not to you newborn care specialist

  • As noted on the bottom of your invoice, to cover the 3% fee the CC company charges us, 3% of the invoice total needs to be added to your online credit card payment.
  • For your total payment amount please use the calculator below.
  • If you prefer to avoid the necessary 3% charge, you may pay by check instead.
If your invoice payment total includes the 3% CC fee, do not pay the additional 3% in the calculated total. Pay only the Original payment amount.

Call Baby Coming Home Today at (972) 267-8766 for Information on or Assistance with our Paying Online